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Crossing William

Photo Gallery

Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens The Gang David, Debbie, my niece and nephew, Dad and Me standing behind Laina, my great niece and Mom sitting 196573536 Laina by the Auburn Tree My future Auburn Graduate! War Eagle..... 196573537 Dad and Debbie, my niece Waiting on the Trolley 196573538 Laina and Santa She is giving her list for this year. 196573539 Laina, my great niece 196573540 Laina in the Big Chair 196573541 The lights on the trail 196573542 more from the trail 196573543 Tiny Santa 196573544 Mom and my nephew, David 196573545 Laina and Mom 196573546 The North Pole 196573547 The wild children 196573548