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Crossing William



Haunted Attraction/My Paranormal Collection

Posted by Big Ken on December 4, 2017 at 2:45 AM

Getting ready to go next week on a journey into the unknown. One of my readers has contacted me with a request take possession of an item for them. I’ve always been pretty confident when dealing with Native American and Hoodoo related items with attachments. My degree in Anthropology was geared toward Native Cultures of North America. I’ve also conducted a large amount of research into Hoodoo and Voodoo preparing to write Crossing William. On top of this, over ten years have been dedicated to the intense study of the Bible. So far, everything I’ve dealt with in my collection has been restricted to these areas of study… until now. The item to be collected next has been used in Wiccan rituals and is over four hundred years old. According to the owner, human flesh has been cooked in this cauldron that will soon be added to my collection. The activity attached to this item is so intense, it has been buried for over twenty five years to protect the owner’s family from its power. The land where the pot is buried is now being sold, and the family will not allow the item to remain on the property. So, I will be going to take possession of the cauldron next week. Wish me luck!

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