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Crossing William



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Southern Alabama Hauntings

Posted by Big Ken on July 26, 2013 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (55)

My new book, Southern Alabama Hauntings, is available on and Kindle as of today. Check out the cover picture taken by Ashlee Blown of Dark Entity Paranormal and tell me what you see. I love the pic and hope you enjoy the book!


Re: Book being off line

Posted by Big Ken on February 28, 2013 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Crossing William will be off line for sales for about six hours on 2/28/2013. The page numbers didn't transfer and I had to resend the transcript. It will be back up by the morning of 2/29/2013. Sorry for the inconvenience! Kindle sales will begin on the same date or the following Monday at the latest.


Book Characters

Posted by Big Ken on February 15, 2013 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (114)

Character: Balal – Pronounced (Bahlall) is known by several names in Crossing William. He is also referred to as the Man in Black or the Entity. Amy, knowing that she would not survive William’s birth, did something that would change William’s destiny completely. Hoodoo would be her endowment to him in the form of protection. Because of the moon phase and season, Amy was limited in choices when it came to her actions. An entity was forced by her to keep the newborn from death by using an ancient power given to Solomon many millenniums ago. He used symbols given to him by an angel to enslave the very entities that were keeping Solomon from his task of building the temple. This gave him control over the pestering spirits and he used them to complete the task that they had originally tried to hinder. These same symbols had been passed down through the ages and were used sparingly out of fear of the consequences. Amy was desperate and willing to take a chance with her son’s life in the balance.


Balal was created second, after Satan, and is very powerful. He commands legends of demons and can affect the living in many ways. He hates humans with a passion because they are favored, in his eyes, by the Creator. He refers to humans as primates and monkeys to show his disrespect for the race that he considers beneath him. His first ambition in life is to take as many souls as he can recruit with him to the pit. His spiritual state is confining in this task forcing him to seek more effective ways to do his bidding.


This is where William comes in! He does what he is commanded and keeps the boy from death but allows him to suffer in ways that few can imagine. In Amy’s haste, she wasn’t specific with the spell and left the entity leeway to do as little as possible. Bill, William’s father, took every occasion to punish the child. Every once in a while, the father would cross the line and try to terminate the life of the child. This would be the only time William would receive relief from the entity.


Balal didn’t make himself known to William until late in his childhood. The Man in Black would educate the boy, coming to him in his dreams while in his teens. By the time William was eighteen, he could speak and write in Latin. William never questioned the knowledge that was given during slumber with nothing in his life being normal. What would he consider, “Out of the ordinary”? No friends or family could tell him that his acquiring of knowledge was something not common to people. His isolation was his protection as life took him on a path of contemptible disregard. Only after becoming a man does the entity make himself completely known to William.


William would be Balal’s weapon in a world that was restricted from him. The Man in Black had fashioned this tool perfectly to bring about the desired end. His puppet was tailor made and ready for the task.

Book Characters

Posted by Big Ken on February 15, 2013 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (57)

Character: William Wade --- Amy’s son who is the main character of Crossing William. His life begins in Chapter Two and is one of sorrow from the beginning. His childhood is spent as the recipient of an old man’s hatred brought on by his father’s evil nature. This hatred turns physical as William becomes the focus of beating after beating. This continues until William decides to change his destiny regardless of the circumstances.

Crossing William

Posted by Big Ken on February 14, 2013 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (56)

Crossing William is a Horror/Fantasy fiction novel set in Southeastern Alabama that focuses on the life of a boy. He is born into a world that holds no pity for him. William’s life is one of suffering as he is cursed from birth by his mothers attempt to protect his life. Using her knowledge of Hoodoo, she provided protection from an abusive father by forcing an entity to watch over the boy. The path he follows is one not easy to understand as Crossing William takes you through the events of his life. This work is filled with a mixture of local folklore and color unique to rural areas of Southeast Alabama and Chattahoochee River Valley.